Richard Holmes

Richard Holmes, B.A. (Applied Modern Languages with Economic Studies)

Richard’s skills include:

  • “Specialist generalism” – in-depth understanding across most fields of insurance and risk management;
  • Problem-solving with an ability to strip problems back to the basics to find practical solutions;
  • Client liaison expertise up to board level, using knowledge and experience to minimise the administrative burden on clients by becoming their effective “insurance department”;
  • Expertise in drafting / reviewing contracts and insurance Wordings to ensure a fully-functioning and correctly-constituted document in line with clients’ needs;
  • Hands-on advisory support to early-stage projects and developing technologies including their contractual, insurance and risk management requirements from concept stage onwards;
  • Extensive experience in finance negotiations for renewable energy projects, both for one-off single-technology plants through to coordinated multi-technology proposals at government level, being closely involved in negotiations with clients, suppliers, contractors/project managers, finance-providers and lawyers;
  • Fluent in French and Spanish with the ability to communicate in German, and various other languages.


Industry Achievements:

  • 38 years in the insurance industry in both broking and underwriting;
  • Worked for Insurers and major Brokers in France, Mexico, Argentina, Central America, the Caribbean and South-East Asia, to consolidate and grow existing books of business, and to coordinate the establishment and ongoing oversight of start-ups;
  • Single-handedly designed, negotiated and placed the first ever pan-European Insurance Programme under the then-new EU Freedom of Movement of Services legislation while working with a major international broker in Paris;
  • Negotiated involvement in the tender for, and was integrally involved in the winning of and ongoing support to, the U.K.’s largest tidal lagoon project;
  • Full contractual review, design and placement of tailored insurance programmes for some of the largest U.K. infrastructure funds targeting investment in renewable energy project development and operation;
  • Developed and placed a fully-coordinated insurance package programme from a batch of 16 individually-insured renewables projects for a major Canadian Infrastructure Fund with over C$1.6 Billion under management and a further C$1 Billion under co-management; this provided an extended and consistent cover across all sites at a substantially-reduced price.
  • Developed market-leading insurance wordings for Solar, Wind, Wave & Tidal providing major increases to coverage, while simplifying understanding of the coverage provided.

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