William Lloyd

William Lloyd, A.C.I.I., Chartered Insurance Practitioner

Bill’s skills include:

  • Wide-ranging knowledge of the renewable energy industry’s challenges and opportunities and proven problem-solving capability;
  • Extensive awareness of and experience in customer liaison, from turbines to the boardroom;
  • Technical understanding of the products and their manufacture, including aspects of revenue loss in both construction and operational phases;
  • Using extensive knowledge gained from the insurance sector to find best solutions with experienced insurers available in the market;
  • Developing new solutions for windfarm and other renewable industry clients, including interests in wave and tidal technologies;
  • Assisting clients in preparing for negotiations with insurers.


Industry Achievements:

  • 25 years of underwriting with three international insurance groups to the top levels with major International clients;
  • 28 years as Consultant and Broker;
  • Started the first Insurance Company in Saudi Arabia in the 1970s;
  • 9 years as Account Director for Europe’s largest windfarm, including developing insurance packages, risk management, disaster planning and Bank finance;
  • R & D skills have led to new windfarm product lines being crafted, launched and established for both onshore and offshore clients;
  • 11 years’ experience in wave and tidal development;
  • Technical insurance skills on property and business interruption to the highest levels, with the ability to act as a professional witness in the High Court;
  • Speaker at Conferences and seminars on both sides of the Atlantic.


Through his former regulated firm, Wind Forest Consultancy, Bill has acted as:

  • Risk Manager to major global wind and solar developer;
  • Consultant to various renewables-focussed insurers, brokers and financiers;
  • Advisor and Broker to numerous clients, developers and fund managers for European and UK windfarms;
  • Adviser and broker to various small hydro, solar and biomass projects, and to an early developer of smart electricity meters.



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